Experience Gothenburg

from the water!

Our opening times might vary due to weather and other factors. Please contact us if you can´t book the time you are looking for. 


We follow the public health authority’s (folkhälsomyndigheten) general advice on Covid-19 for your safety. In addition to adjusting the number of passengers allowed on the boats, each boat is equipped with hand sanitizer and is thoroughly washed several times during the day.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Sail through the historical canals with your own electric boat!

There are no requirements for a license to rent the boat and you can fit as many as 12 persons onboard! Ride as a couple, family, friends, colleagues or explore Gothenburg on your own. Drinks and snacks are allowed to bring on.

Exploring Gothenburg has never been simplier!

Book online

Book your boat on our homepage. You can book while standing on the bridge and be on your way in matter of minutes!

Start the boat

You will receive a SMS some minutes before your booking period with instructions so that you can start your boat. Once you are finished with the ride you end the booking it as simple as it begun with your mobile.

Enjoy the trip!

Be captain for a day on one of our 100% electrical boats and explore Gothenburg from the water!

Book the boat

for as long as you want!

A boat trip in the canals of Gothenburg

1 hour

Perfect for a trip in the very city center and old canals. See places as the beautiful Garden society, Kings park and historical Rosenlund. The best of Gothenburg!


2 hours

A trip where you will be able to see the floating boat museum, Maritiman, the Opera house and Lindholmen. You can even take a quick stop for a traditional Swedish fika!



Book here

3 hours

Enjoy all of Gothenburg from the water without stress. Boat yourself across Göta River to Eriksberg, Sannegården and see our beautiful city from the other side. Take part of our historical heritage and explore the old shipyards with their majestic cranes! Simply put, a complete experience of the city!


The following is included

  • Book & pay online, unlock the boat with your phone
  • Luxury 12 seat boats
  • No license requiered
  • Seat cushions and life west for children and adults
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Silent and 100& electric
  • Offers for members
  • Drinks and snacks are allowed on board
  • Time to hang out with loved ones
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the trip!

Gift cards, company events or special bookings?

Be captain for a day on one of our 100% electric boats and explore Gothenburg from the water!

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Our floating bridge is positioned in the very center of Gothenburg