Rent an electric boat - How it works

Keep along the quayside/the dockside when traveling on the river and always make way for bigger boats

Start your journey with Let's boat

Our dock is always manned so you can be sure to get all the information needed for a safe and pleasant trip! Here are some things that’s good to know before you begin your adventure. Rent an electric boat with Let’s boat today!


Wait at the sign a head of the dock!

Our boat host will welcome you on to the dock once your boat is ready to board

Make sure everyone is ready to sail of

Once on the dock our host will help you find the right size of lifewest. Our sizes range from 3kg up to 90+kg. Feel free to use our cushions included in the boats rear compartment.

Check that the boat is intact and clean

In the unlikely event that the boat is not clean and in good condition before departure, please inform our host.

Make sure everyone is seated and are actively taking part of the safety instructions

A: The driver must be sober
B: The driver must be 18 years or older
C: Life jackets must be worn during travel
D: Give way to larger vessels and keep right
E: The boat shall be operated in a manner consistent with good seamanship and safe for all parties.

Disconnect the rope from the dock

It’s quite simple, just click it off or ask our boat host for assistance

Release the rope

Away we go! You are now the captain of your own electric boat!

End your trip with Let's boat

Our dock is always staffed so you can be sure to get all the necessary information needed to complete your tour! Below are some things to consider when returning your boat.

Park the boat slowly against the dock with the rear facing Lejontrappan and klick on the rope

Drive in at low speed and make sure that the fenders are hanging out.

Connect the rope to the dock

Leave the boat

Step of one and one in an orderly manner and return the lifewests to the coffin. The captain is the last person of the boat.

Make sure that the boat is clean and remove all garbage


Do you have any questions or concerns?

Do not hesitate to contact us

Hyr elbåt i Göteborg