Rent a boat in Gothenburg

At Let's Boat you can rent a boat in Gothenburg from our jetty in the center of town at Brunnsparken.

Let's Boat Gothenburg

You rent the boat for the time you want and then drive on your own. Our most popular routes are 1-2 hours long and give you the chance to travel through Gothenburg’s historic moat and canals with remains from the 17th century. The tour passes over 30 famous landmarks and the most central part of Gothenburg.

If you want to see even more of Gothenburg and the Göta River, you can rent your boat for three hours or more and see both Eriksberg and “Gothenburg’s own Amazon, Säveån.”.

The rental of the boat includes life jackets and a digital guide as well as on-site assistance from our staff on the dock.

Control your own electric boat as you travel through Gothenburg's historic canals and moat!

Rent a boat and enjoy your own electric boat with room for up to 12 people. No license or driving permit is needed to enjoy this unique experience. Go as a couple, family, friends or colleagues and explore the city from the water. Rent a boat for romantic getaways, family days, AW events or just to have fun on your own. Bring your favorite drink, snacks and dogs are also welcome on board. Create unforgettable memories and book your boat for a day of adventure!

Free digital tour guide included with over 30 stops! 🗺

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