Romance on our electric boats - Experience magical moments with Lets boat!

Give your date an unforgettable experience with Lets boat! Our electric boats are not only quiet and environmentally friendly, they are also the perfect place for a romantic trip on the water. Glide along at a leisurely pace and enjoy the beautiful surroundings with your loved one. Bring your favorite food and drinks for a romantic picnic on board, and let the sunset create a magical atmosphere. As you toast in the name of love, you can capture those special moments on camera to remember forever. Book the most romantic date you can find with us at Lets boat today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Picnic and Champagne in the sun

On our electric boat, you are allowed to bring your favorite food and drinks, including champagne to create the perfect date. Prepare a romantic picnic and let the sun’s rays be your only source of light as you travel along the water. Enjoy an intimate moment together while gliding in harmony with the beautiful canals of Gothenburg. Book your romantic date with us at Lets boat today and let the adventure on the rolling waters be a memory for life! With our electric boats you will create magical moments to remember and share together.

En dejt på en av våra elbåtar!

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